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Experienced for more than five decades, IOCEE has secured a strong position in the global market of knitted fabrics, cotton yarns, readymade garments and food grainss. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of knitted fabrics and T-shirts. IOCEE has been a company to reckon with, creating unparalleled products. We have installed sophisticated high tech imported machines producing quality knitted fabrics and T-shirts of international standards.

We have world-class circular knitting machines to cater our customer's need for quality fabrics. These fabrics are made out of high quality yarn available from leading manufacturers all over the world. The timely deliveries of our vast range of products meet the requirements of our global customers and strengthen our relationships.

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As an international trading company, we devote our time and energy to becoming your ideal working partner and we put your satisfaction first. In our online directory, you'll find an extensive photo catalogue of our products and much more all available for export from India.

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If you're an importer or wholesaler, whether large or small, and are looking for high quality products at reasonable prices, then look no further, we are for you.

Looking for something that you know is from India but it's not on line? Please don't hesitate to ask and if we don't have it already, we will source it for you.

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We work round the clock, ensuring you get the best quality products for your chosen price.

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Our team has consists of several experts who have been working in this sector for decades.

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We have been serving customers to their fullest satisfaction for over half a century.

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